Shark Frame System

Computerized Frame Measuring System

Our Unibody and Frame Repair Facility features the modern technology needed to properly repair your vehicle.  We utilize the   frame straightening rack, the “SHARK® 3 dimensional frame measuring system”, and  insure every repair is to the exact measurement as it was before the accident.

We utilize the SHARK® Measuring System to diagnose and measure any damage to the frame of your vehicle.  From minor dings to major collision repairs, the Quality Collision team has the experience, knowledge, and state-of-the-art equipment to expertly restore your vehicle to its original condition.

Using Shark Computerized diagnostics, we can locate hidden damage, allowing corrections to be made which will restore the structural integrity of your vehicle.



Shark Frame System


Good Afternoon I am Greg Jurkowski from Primo Auto Collision.

And this is our Shark Measuring system that measures the uni-bodies and full frames with a sonar system giving us a computerized print out before and after the repair.

We can even have these nodes attached during the repair and keep it exact to the millimeter throughout the welding process.

As with this heavy collision.

All frame and body repairs have a lifetime warranty at Primo Auto Collision 813 831  4369.